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LEGI Series 960 CSBM

The LEGI Series 960 Compressed Soil Block Machines are designed for large production, high volume construction projects. Examples of this would include extensive training installations, force protection security walls and barriers, and other applications requiring significant volumes of blocks. It is a fully self-contained, mobile machine which can be used anywhere in the world.

Machine Specifications and Production Limits
  • Weight: 9,800 lbs. with fuel and hydraulic tanks full
  • Dimensions: 8.33 ft. wide by 16.5 ft long by 8 ft. high
  • Power Source: Cummins/John Deere diesel-powered, 4 cylinder engine
  • Fuel Consumption: 1.5 to 2.0 gallons per hour average use – diesel
  • AC Power Supply: 6,000 watt Winco brushless generator, 12/240 volt, 60Hz, with 120 volt duplex and 240 volt duplex receptacles
  • Safety Shutdown: Low oil pressure and engine temperature
  • Hydraulics: Rexroth or Oil Gear
  • Hydraulic System Volume: 50 gallon tank
  • Air to Oil Cooler: Operating ambient temperature range is +28 to +130 degrees F
  • Diesel Engine Air Filtering: Mobil Industrial Pre-cleaner and Dual Air Cartridge Cleaner/Filter with restriction system indicator for filter element replacement
  • Hydraulic Fluid Filters: Beta rated high quality filtration with indicator light
  • Automated Controls: Omron Industrial Programmable Controller in a NEMA 12 dust and moisture proof enclosure
  • Ram Press Force: 230,000 lbs. (1,643 psi on 14″ x 10″ x 3.5″ block) maximum force/pressure applied to soil
  • Block Production Rate: 960 blocks/hr normal (nominal) production rate set at factory
  • Block Sizes: Variable, to fit clients needs. Standard block size : 14″ x 10″ x 3.5″. Mold & plates are adjustable to produce smaller blocks : 14″ x 7″ x 3.5″
  • Trailer Characteristics: Tandem axle set (7,000 lbs. each axle) with electric brake on both axles, normal USA lighting package. Standard pintle hook hitch. Ball hitch or goose neck hitch are available at production. Machine may be towed at legal highway speeds
  • Recommended Maintenance Schedule: 1 hour daily
  • Engine Maintenance: As recommended by the engine manufacturer
  • Patented in USA: Manufactured under USA Patents No. 455681 and 4640671


  • The machine shall be configured on tandem axles rated to 7,000 pounds each
  • The machine shall be equipped with a 6,000 watt 120/240 60 Hz A/C power generator
  • The machine shall be equipped with a pintle hook hitch
  • The machine shall be equipped with four (4) helicopter lifting hooks
  • The operating engine shall be equipped with Murphy safety shut downs over heat and oil pressure
  • The machine shall be equipped with electric brakes on both axles
  • The machine shall be equipped with Heavy Duty, Steel Belted, 10 ply, Commercial Grade trailer tires
  • The machine shall be equipped with solid state Omron Industrial Controllers housed in a NEMA 12 Box
  • The machine shall be equipped with a beta rated oil filtration system


  • The machine shall have the capability of producing up to 960 blocks per hour
  • The block press mechanism shall have a vertical press action across the breadth of the block – not a horizontal press action
  • The press plates shall have an elastomeric material of at least 80 durometers of hardness applied to them
  • The block chambers and block exit surfaces shall be constructed of T-1 grade or greater steel
  • The machine shall be capable of producing two sizes of blocks (14″ long x 10″ wide or 14″ long x 7″ wide)
  • The fuel usage shall be less than 1.75 gallons of diesel per hour of operation